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This is a heavy duty product. These hitch and couplers are designed and manufactured by a blacksmithing family who trace their skills back five generations. All units conform to the requirements of SAE standard J684 and are tested by independent labs.

360° Rotation & 3-Axis of Movement

This eliminates twisting damage to vehicle & trailer frames caused by sudden changes in vehicle-trailer orientation while on a construction site, farm, or off roading.

Positively Secure Connection

Once the latch plates are locked in place Lock N' Roll® will never pop off like ball hitches do. Everything is in plain view to eliminate any question of whether or not the trailer is hitched correctly. The positively secured connection keeps you in control so minor mishaps on the road don't turn into major accidents.

Easy to Use

Lock N' Rolls® wider range of movement makes it easy to couple and uncouple.

Driving Comfort

Lock N' Roll® provides a very tight, close fitting connection that eliminates "thunk & jerk" action of conventional hitches. Nearly any terrain can be negotiated safely making this hitch ideal for off road (4x4), as well as horse trailers, boats and RVs. The 360 degrees rotation along with the left to right and up and down articulation allows fantastic maneuverability especially when backing a trailer into position.
Patented (US# 5,647,604)   Limited Lifetime Warranty   Made entirely in the USA
Welcome to Lock N' Roll Trailer Hitches!  

There are two basic groups of Lock N' Roll hitches. They are the new
500 series that has 360 degrees of rotation built into the vehicle side and 100/300 series that provides a rotation limiter on the trailer side. The 500 series and the 100/300 series are not compatible.

500 Series
All 500 series hitches and couplers are rated at 11,000 pounds gross trailer weight and are capable of 1100 pounds of tongue weight. 500 series hitches allow 360 degrees of rotation so in the event of an accident the trailer is much less likely to damage the tow vehicle or cause it to roll over.

100 Series
The 100 series of couplers have a rotation limiter that prevents the trailer from tipping side to side more than 45 degrees relative to the towing vehicle.The up & down motion and turning radius are not restricted. 100 series couplers are rated at 2000 pounds gross trailer weight.

Make sure your tow vehicle has enough mass to control your towing weight.

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Lashing Hook
NSN:5340-00-456-1011 Mil Spec lashing hook for securing tarps and equipment on trailers and trucks. Minimum order is 6 hooks. Holes are 1-1/8" center to center and 11/32" diameter.
5 Ton Hercules Gear Puller Set
Super strong and rigid  External/Internal Grip Puller Sets     The HGP 5 will handle tough jobs. This puller comes with four pairs of different-sized jaws. 6" Reversible, 5", 6" & 8" lengths. Tool Spread Is 3"-12". The jaws can be positioned in any direction and tightly held in place against the beam with grade 8 5/8-18 bolts that come with the set. The forcing screw is 7/8"diameter 9 pitch made form 4140 heat-treated steel. Jaws can be modified and extended. Replacement parts are available. Also comes in a 25 ton version.            
25 Ton Gear Puller Set
HEAVY DUTY GEAR AND WHEEL PULLER The 1-1/2" diameter 4140 alloy steel forcing screw provides 25 tons of pulling power. The 2" thick X 19-1/2" long support beam is a very rigid platform for the jaws and forcing screw. Jaws are hot forged and heat-treated  1" x 2" 1045. Each set comes with two 6" grip jaws and two 10" grip jaws that are held against the beam with 7/8-14 grade 8 bolts and heavy washers. Maximum tool spread is 18". Minimum tool spread is 4". The forcing screw can extend 10" past the bottom of the beam. The jaws,  screws, and support beams are often used creatively as clamps and hold downs for wleding and machining.
Chicago Firemans Pike Head
These are genuine Pike Heads used by the Chicago Fire Department. Insert your own pole and bolt them together, Get one for your bon fires.
Hitch pin for 500 series
1/2" diameter hitch pin made for securing the Lock N Roll latch plates. Your Lock N Roll vehicle hitch comes with one but it doesn't hurt to have a spare. Included with the 1/2" diameter pin is a cotter pin.
NSN:2040-00-287-9643 5 pound type 316 stainless steel grapnel. This is without the chain, pear links and thimble. POR for complete item.
Peerless 7/16" (11mm) Hex Security Chain (4 foot minimum / price per foot)
Hexagonal, thru-hardened links Made from alloy steel Blue, anti-corrosion finish Chain Hardness: 53-58 HRC Min. 13.50 per foot
Flush Nozzle Grease Fitting
Flush fitting nozzle / flush fitting coupler SAE-SFN is used to lubricate standard flush type grease fittings / standard flush type zerk fittings.  Thread is 1/8" NPTF (f)