Greg and Paul
The New Articulating Hitch System by Lock ‘N’ Roll® 

This is a heavy duty product made of alloy steel parts. These articulating on road, off road hitches and couplers are designed and manufactured at Greats Lake Forge in Chicago, by a family of blacksmiths who trace their skills back five generations. Lock ‘N’ Roll® trailer hitches come in over 20 possible configurations to fit almost any type of vehicle and trailer. All units conform to the requirements of SAE standard J684 and are tested by independent labs.

The articulating Lock ‘N’ Roll® trailer hitch is the safest, easiest to use, most versatile on road, off road hitch on the market. Utilizing 360 degrees of rotation and 3 axis of movement, this on-road, off-road hitch gives you the freedom that you can’t get with a ball hitch, but without the jerking and banging of a pintle hitch. Lock N Roll hitches are not only the best off road hitch in the world, but the best trailer hitch, period.

The patented Lock ‘N’ Roll® latching system gives you peace of mind knowing that, once the latch plates are locked in place, Lock ‘N’ Roll® will never pop off like ball hitches do. Everything is in plain view to eliminate any question of whether or not the trailer is hitched correctly. The positively secured connection keeps you in control so minor mishaps on the road don’t turn into major accidents, making the world’s best off road hitch especially safe for the road.

Lock ‘N’ Roll® hitches provide a very tight, close fitting connection that eliminates the “thunk & jerk” action of conventional hitches. Nearly any terrain can be negotiated safely making this articulating hitch the ideal off road hitch, horse trailer hitch, boat hitch, RV hitch and more! The 360 degree rotation along with the left to right and up and down articulation allows fantastic maneuverability, especially when backing a trailer into position, making Lock ‘N’ Roll the best off road hitch, on road hitch, or wherever-you-wanna-go hitch!

Cross section of the 360 degree bearing made of one solid forged piece of steel. All other manufacturers rely on threaded connections.