Offroad Elements reviewing our hitch after taking an M416 military trailer rock crawling. Find the article here.

Rex Vogel from post a previous interview and article about Lock N Roll with some more visuals, pulled from our website. Read why Lock N Roll is a safer trailer hitch. writes about why Lock N Roll makes for a great boat hitch.

RV Daily writes about the revolutionary, Lock N Roll as a safer trailer hitch.

A new US Patent (Number 8,210,559) for the improved Lock N’ Roll Trailer Hitch was granted to Gregory Russell on July 3rd, 2012.  This new articulating trailer hitch is the safest, most secure way devised to connect a trailer and vehicle. It has unparalleled maneuverability and control. It is very easy to use.

The Lock N’ Roll Trailer Hitch can be used on boat trailers, construction trailers, utility trailers, off-road trailers, signage trailers, coil trailers, air compressor trailers, cement mixer trailers, landscaping trailers, horse trailers, and camper trailers.  The Lock N’ Roll Trailer Hitch is rated at 11000 pounds gross trailer weight.  The heavy-duty 1100 pounds of tongue weight rating is impressive. What is more impressive is how Lock N’ Roll’s positive locking mechanism will keep trailers attached to the tow vehicle when negative tongue weight occurs.

Imagine a car being driven up the ramp of a car hauler trailer. When weight is applied to the ramp a conventional ball coupler can pop off the ball and send the trailer tongue through the towing vehicle’s tailgate. This will never happen with the Lock N’ Roll Trailer Hitch unique cam shaped latch system. This feature is equally useful when your trailer hits a bump at highway speeds. There is no need to worry about that trailer becoming un-hitched with a Lock N’ Roll Trailer Hitch.